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Amibroker Algo Trading

Jump Start System Trading With Amibroker

Plugin Installation Go to Amibroker installation directory ->Plugins folder->Put dll file from here . Restart Amibroker, you should see a message when Amibroker opens – You are using following NON-CERTIFIED third party plugins. If this message comes,…

FAQs on Amibroker Algo Trading

We have compiled all possible FAQs for setting up algo with Amibroker!

How can I modify AFL strategy without any coding?

Here is a quick 5-minute tutorial to understand how you can modify AFL, and how real-time trading works with AFL. Scroll down for all required AFLs which are shown in video. Download a basic supertrend strategy from here. Apply it on a chart. Download any AFL from…

How to simulate or practice system trading in Amibroker

You can use bar-replay to simulate any AFL as in live market trading. Click on bar-replay. Use minimum step interval. Example – using step interval of 1-minute on 5-minute chart. User paper trading in Amibroker. You can also see this process in videos below….

How to trade without charts in Amibroker?

You can trading without charts in 100s of stocks in Amibroker using Scan feature in Automatic Analysis (AA) window. Step 1: Make your AFL ready Step 1: Verify first you have fully functional algo trading AFL using a single chart – by bar replay or live data….

How to manage repainting signals in Amibroker?

You may face problems if, Amibroker settings are not correct or, Your AFL has errors. All these problems such as Signal in Amibroker but no order placed Order placed but no signal in Amibroker Too Many Orders Placed From Amibroker Wrong price sent in order are due to…

Why my Amibroker is missing or skipping signals sometime?

Here are other versions of this issue: Signals randomly skipped – Out of 10 signals on chart, 8 were received in APIBridge but 2 were not receivedSignal are coming from only active chartSignals are not coming in APIBridge at all Signals randomly skipped If you…

How to manage Amibroker AFL sending too many Signals

With only one arrow, some AFL give repeated Buy signals. Check tools->preferences->intraday. The default Timestamp of intraday bars is set to End Time of Candle in old Amibroker versions. We should change it to recommended settings of Start Time of Candle. Too many…

How to trade in APIBridge multiple accounts using Amibroker

For various reasons, you may like to run multiple instances of APIBridge on same computer. Each instance gives you full power with different logins. Before proceeding, make sure you are already familiar with APIBridge platform. Step 1: Create a multi-instance…