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Excel Algo Trading

Jump Start System Trading With Excel

Features: 1. Bulk upload CO, BO or limit orders. Bulk cancel and Bulk modify order. 2. Trade using free live data from NEST, ODIN, NOW or any source 3. Deploy ORB Strategy 4. Open = Hi/Lo strategy 5. Support/Resistance Strategy 6. Advanced: If you are already Excel…

Options Trading With Excel

Excel is a powerful platform that can be used to send multiple signals at the same time. This can be extremely useful in options trading where multiple orders are needed to be placed…

Creating your first Excel strategy with live data

If you are already using Excel for Analysis, you can merge your existing sheet for deploying strategies in Technical Analysis, Option Chain Analysis, Pair Trading etc. We will start by showing you how to deploy a simple strategy based on support and resistance levels….

Excel for bulk order placement, modification, cancellation

It is super easy to place bulk orders through Excel. You can place all order types and product types which your broker allows, such as Limit, Market, CO, BO etc. Though it is very simple, note that you do not actually send orders via Excel, you send Signals. Based on…

Excel SuperTrend Spreadsheet with Live Data

You can use the spreadsheet given here to pull live prices from Yahoo, or from your broker terminal. The sheet is ready for Algo Trading with APIBridge.

Excel Trading with Multiple Accounts

For various reasons, you may like to run multiple instances of APIBridge on same computer. Each instance gives you full power with different logins. For example, you may like to trade at same -time in 5 family accounts. This can be easily done via multi-instance.

Excel Plugin Manual Installation

If the following error is shown that means installer not able find to Office in your PC to register excel add-in. In this case, you need to install manually.