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MetaTrader MT4 Algo Trading

Jump Start System Trading with MT4

Plugin Installation Download Plugin files from here for Sample Strategy. Follow instructions below, or scroll for video to bottom of page. Login in MT4 and click on Tool then go to Option or directly press shortcut key CTRL + OIn the options tab go Expert Advisors…

Jump Start System Trading with MT5

MT5 setup for algo trading is same as that of MT4; the difference is only in the integration files used.

FAQs MT4/MT5 Algo Trading

We have compiled all possible FAQs for setting up algo with MT4!

SuperTrend EA for MT4

To start algo trading with supertrend on MT4, simply follow the steps given here.

Using custom Expert Advisor for algo in MT4/MT5

Refer above video from 5:00 onwards Download here required files for your custom EA algo setup. 1: Put ” Expert_Signal.mqh ” this file in Include folder of MT4 Data Folder 2: Copy Paste this  [ #include<Expert_Signal.mqh>  ] in Expert…

MT4 Options Auto Strike Selection

You can easily deploy algos with auto strike selection in options based on any MT4 Expert Advisor. For example, if there is BUY in Index spot price, you may like to automatically buy the ATM Call option. We will demonstrate this with a popular strategy.

How to trade in APIBridge multiple accounts using MT4/MT5

For various reasons, you may like to run multiple instances of APIBridge on same computer. Each instance gives you full power with different logins. Before proceeding, make sure you are already familiar with APIBridge platform. Step 1: Create a multi-instance…

MT4 Compiler is not able to include external mqh files

If you face issue while using sample strategy -“Compiler is not able to include external mqh files” Resolution: Check “Algotrading.mqh” and “ExpertSignal.mqh” file is there in include folder of mt4 , and copy paste sample strategy (.ex4 file) in expert…

MT4 server issues in algo trading

Investor vs Trader Account If you are able to place orders in strategy tester but not able to place orders in live trading, check whether you are logged in via investor credential or trader credential in mt4. Note- if you are logged in via investor credential then…