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TradingView Algo Trading

Jump Start System Trading With TradingView

Installing the Extension for Chrome APIBridge should be logged in before you attempt to install the Extension. If you are already using APIBridge Extn, uninstall it. Click here to open the Chrome Extension update page. Next, click on the latest version…

TradingView Algo Trading – Free Strategies

All the strategies are given work in full automation in TradingView free plan (through Extension).

While trading in Options pine script can be used on charts of Nifty, BankNifty, FinNifty, MidCPNifty, etc. Cash/Future for applying your NSE options Algo Strategy in TradingView. Note this strategy works well with even the free version of TradingView.

FAQs on TradingView Algo Trading

We have compiled all possible FAQs for setting up algo with TradingView!

Do I need a Free or Paid version in TradingView?

Both free and paid versions of TradingView give real-time data, and you can use both for trading. However, you cannot use continuous alerts in the Free version. Once you set an alert, it will trigger once and then disable automatically. Also, you cannot set more than two…

Free Version of TradingView for Strategy Automation

You can automate complete strategies, and not just indicators using the TradingView free version. That’s right! explore 1000s of strategies from public library using free tradingview and free apibridge (paper trading) 🙂 We will demonstrate this using SuperTrend strategy (not supertrend indicator).

Setting up First Strategy in TradingView

This is a 2-minute tutorial to start algo trading with a simple moving average strategy in TradingView. Open a full-featured chart and apply moving average Create alert Type: LE for Moving Average crossing above Price and Type: LX for Moving Average crossing below…

Options Trading with TradingView

It is evident that TradingView doesn’t have Options chart, but do you know that you can still trade in Options with TradingView through APIBridge?  Read more….

Multiple strategies trading with TradingView Pinescript

This tutorial helps you in setting up multiple strategies on the Tradingview chart for multiple scrips using Tradingview pinsecrip.

Automating Supertrend By KivancOzbilgic

TradingView public library has a refined code of SuperTrend by KivancOzbilgic. We will show you how to automate using Free version of TradingView and APIBridge.

How to set powerful algo alerts in TradingView?

In the alert message box, you can define the following, each on a new line. All constants such as SYMBOL/TYPE should not be misspelled, “:” colon symbol acts as a separator and TYPE should be on top of group. TYPE: Mandatory. Should be either LE, LX, SE, SX or in…

Automating Alerts with Pinescript

If you are a active trader, you may like another step of automation – generating alerts for apibridge completely automatic. The standard practice is to type every time alert details like TYPE, PRICE, SL, SYMBOL etc. But this can be fully automated easily in few clicks….

How to send bracket orders or cover orders from TradingView

In Chrome Extension, specify the SL and TGT you want to use in BO. In APIBridge Symbol Settings, remember to change Product Type to BO or CO. Also, the order type should be correct. Some brokers allow ONLY market orders in BO, while some allow ONLY limit orders in BO….

TradingView using underlying to trade in derivatives

You may like to place trade in NIFTY options or futures using Nifty spot charts. You may also like to trade in one symbol based on trigger from another symbol. For example, you notice HDFC is about to break above important resistance level – and you thing ICICI…

TradingView Extension does not work, does not turn green

If you face any of the following problems APIBridge Extension for Chrome does not turn green, it remains red even when APIBridge is runningExtension throws some errorLE/SE buttons come and disappear on chartExtension misses signals. That is, an alert appears in…

How to setup algo for candlestick patterns in TradingView

If you study candlestick patterns, we have something exciting for you. In this tutorial we are going to setup an automated trading system based on any combination of 15 candlestick patterns.

What is the difference between TradingView Extension and Webhook?

TradingView Extension is very popular among the users as they do not require to subscribe to the paid version of TradingView to start with Algo Trading, but the users who prefer wider scope of Algo Trading, go for Webhook setup

Heikin-Ashi Strategy Automation using TradingView (Updated)

The Heiken Ashi is a charting technique that can be used to read price action and understand the strength of the trend. This is similar to the traditional candlestick charts. Unlike the candlestick chart, the Heiken Ashi chart is attempting to filter out some of the…

How to use Trendlines for Algo in TradingView

First from left of chart in tradingview website click on trendlines icon. Select one of the trendlines and draw over chart. Select the drawn trendline to see additional options will popup over lines. Click on New Alert icon from the popup. In the alert conditions, you…

Risk Management Backtesting in TradingView

APIBridge allows you three levels of risk management, you can see details here. We cannot emphasize more how risk management is essential for profitable trading. In this article, we will show you how very simple risk management…

Peer Stocks Algo Using TradingView

For example, you may want to BUY Infosys when the price of INFY is in uptrend, AND ALSO the price of TCS is in uptrend.

How To Trade from TradingView Screener

TradingView Screener are very Powerful tool to do trading as it Scans through all stocks defined. To Set Sceener alert do the following. Set your preferred filter and Name it as you define type.(LE/SE/SX/LX) Then simply click the Enable Alert icon or turn it…

Paper Trading in Forex or Cryptos with TradingView

BTCUSD trades 24*7. Its a nice symbol to hone your trading skills on weekend, because you always get live data for crypto currencies. You can paper trade in FX or crypto currencies using following settings: Input Symbol: Use same as Chart Symbol in TradingViewExchange…