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Positional Trading
Following are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Positional Trading in regards with APIBridge.

1. Does APIBridge support positional trading?
Yes, it does. APIBridge supports all order or product types that are provided by your broker.

2. How do we get started with positional trading?
In APIBridge, find the templates on top. From this set of templates, select Positional Trading Templates. It has general settings which work well for positional traders.

3. How APIBridge processes differently in Positional Trades vs in Intraday Trades?
Currently, APIBridge is maintaining historical data of Positional Trades. APIBridge simply executes orders based on your strategy in TradingView, MT4, Excel, etc.

4. Which product type should be used?
In the product type, use Normal (NRML) or Computer Numerical Control (CNC) as given by the broker. NRML is also equivalent to the Delivery product type.

5. What are the preferred settings for signal rules?
APIBridge maintains net positions only for the current day. Among Signal Rules, you should keep un-ticked the following rules:

(1) LX/SX Send Quantity <= NetPos

(2) LE place order only in NetPos <=0 & SE place order only in NetPos >=0

6. What are other important points to be taken care of?
You should not use Advanced Auto-Position Sizing like Qty By Exposure or Qty By SL because these settings also need NetPos when placing LX/SX.

7. Anything to keep in mind for positional trading strategy in TradingView, MT4, Excel, etc.?
Signals should come properly from your strategy without repainting or repetition. There are fewer risk checks in APIBridge for Positional Trading, compared to Intraday Trading. APIBridge simply executes orders based on your strategy in TradingView, MT4, Excel, etc.

8. Can I trade in both Positional and Intraday at the same time, on the same stock?
Yes, you can. Use different strategy tags for both Intraday and Positional. See details here for multi-strategy settings.